Making a Commitment to Heal

When I first decided to create this website, I wondered if I really had something to say that others might want to hear. After some time, I realized that, having gone through the process of healing from Multiple Personality Disorder, I did certainly have something to say that is worthwhile to others going through this same process.

Looking back on the years of healing changes, I could see a difference in me that others lacked at times. It was a strong committment to do “whatever it takes” to heal from this painful life of living with many voices inside my head — all of whom were struggling for control over the system. I had lived with these “others” all my life and thought it was commonplace for everyone to have the same kind of problems. Everyday situations like getting dressed, seemed to take an extra long time for decisions to be made, and I often hoped that I had dressed appropriately (since some of my younger alters loved to dress me).

Making the decision to go forward with my healing process, I intuitively knew that I couldn’t do it without a committment to go places that might be painful, scary, sad and hopeless. I understood that the help I needed was available, and it seemed that at critical points in my process the right person or book or movie or whatever appeared in my life to help me.

Now it is with wonder that I can see that the most important decision I ever made was to be courageous enough to guide and accept guidance in this healing process. I vehemently rejected the idea of integration, but I was willing to do whatever it took to have a healthy life. Ultimately, my life process took me to many places that each of us has to face with resolve to do the best we can, trust the process and understand that we have to believe a healthy life IS possible.

More later,

About deJoly

Coaching people into having the joy-filled life they want is my passion.
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