What do you do when it’s freezing outside?

Today the high temperature here is 17 F, and I’m not a cold weather person. I like the moderate temperatures to range between 50 and 90 F.

So when the weather gets in this low range, I tend to stay indoors, finding projects I have been meaning to do, but haven’t taken the time to complete. Are you like me?

I have a list… somewhat long… of just such items that I want to get to on this sunny, but freezing, day. You know the kind of things I’m talking about, clean this, organize that, catch up on email and Facebook, watch those videos I’ve saved to watch “when I get time”… and so on.

Last time I had some free time, I made fresh organic applesauce in my new pressure canner I got for Christmas. And I dehydrated organic apples and bananas for my healthy snacks. My first project with the new canner was ham and bean soup. The apartment smelled delicious and I felt a true sense of accomplishment in getting those Ball jars on my pantry shelf.

Today I had to be outside, wrestling with frozen pipes. The overnight temperature was zero, with the resulting issue of whether the pipes had actually broken or were just frozen. Luckily, by late this afternoon, the sun had warmed them enough to loosen the freeze and get into the flow. Then I had to bail water out of the sinks and off of the floor! I’d left the faucet half open to allow the pressure to release in case they defrosted… And wham! what a mess! Fortunately, no pipes actually burst.

This was a lesson for me in appreciating and honoring Mother Nature. She got the best of many people in this area.

I chanced upon a friend today who works in the plumbing department at The Home Depot. She recounted the problems they were having with depleted stock of pipe and fittings with this weather. It put a lot of things into perspective for me.

Her story reminded me of my experience last week of trying to fly out of Tampa, only to have my flight cancelled after waiting at the gate for 5 hours. How does this relate to freezing pipes?

I realized that so many people and things are affected by one event. Some people missed their connecting flights to meetings, work, funerals and other events that were significant to them. The airline gave everyone $100 vouchers for future flights with them and then gave hotel vouchers for the people who needed a place to stay til the next day when the flight would be rescheduled. So the people on the flight, the hotel staff, and the airline were directly affected, but also their families and friends and business partners were also affected.

In essence, the one event, freezing weather or flight cancellation, affected hundreds, maybe thousands of people’s lives.

In this way, I know that we are all connected. Each thing we do, every thought we have, every song we sing — they all affect other people. We are in relationships with our world. That includes people we don’t even know. It includes animals, trees, the earth — everything.

More later… deJoly



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