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deJoly LaBrier says, “Thriving is a result of that determination to be present and explore the world through different eyes. I had a strong commitment to myself to heal from the effects of Ritual Abuse. Living in the present moment, getting grounded and doing whatever it takes to heal, are a few examples of how to keep moving through the recovery process into really living… thriving.”

She was inspired to write “What Happened to You?” immediately after watching Oprah Winfrey’s recent 60-minute segment with Dr. Bruce Perry about healing from trauma. Using the ACES test and Trauma Informed Care, social work agencies now are dealing more realistically with PTSD and domestic violence.

As an author and educator, deJoly has been featured on Fox News, and has been a guest presenter at Indiana University in the Criminal Justice Department, and conferences focusing on Ritual Abuse recovery. Her journey of helping people heal from abuse began in 1988, when she revealed the extent of her childhood trauma in therapy. As a child, her creativity and intelligence stimulated the creation of multiple personalities to deal with the heinous acts that were being perpetrated against her. deJoly’s healing journey is detailed in her second book, All Together Now, A Multiple’s Story of Hope and Healing. In What Happened to You? she explores the various methods she used to go beyond survival, to living a beautiful life full of great relationships, travel, spiritual expansion and peace.

To view deJoly LaBrier’s interview on Fox News, click here: – YouTube